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River-Ocean is a chemical and raw material supplier and factory. Our warehouse is located in Linkou, New Taipei City. Our packaging refinery manufacturing facility is located in Taoyuan. To meet different needs of people. Over the years, we have also continued to increase the number of agents and products to sell diversified brand products.

We maintain integrity in our business dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors, and our employees. We uphold the principle of honest transactions, and adhere to good quality, reasonable prices and perfect service to meet the various needs of customers. We have a set of fair and reasonable principles for third-party manufacturers and partners, giving manufacturers reasonable profits, and allowing companies, customers and third-party manufacturers to form a cooperative relationship of common development.

In terms of product safety and environmental risk control, in addition to continuous domestic and foreign verifications related to quality and environmental management, most of them also comply with EU RoHS/REACH chemical regulations and relevant domestic regulations, and strive to provide customers with the most High-quality and safe ISO9001, ISO14001... and other products.